Test Equipment Calibration (T.E.C.) Program Monitors and Records Calibration and Service activities for any number of Tools, Equipment or Machinery.

Main Functions of T.E.C.

  • Displays a list of User defined Tools, Equipment or Machinery with Service and/or Calibration due dates.
  • Record Serial No, Manufacturer, Model, Location, Tolerance, Tool Use and Category for each item listed.
  • Track, record and monitor Service and/or Calibration history for Tools, Equipment or Machinery.
  • Set different Service and Calibration intervals for the same piece of equipment (EG Service every 120 days but Calibrate every 365 days).
  • Store original Calibration Certificates or Service History information relating to items.
  • Produce your own Test Certificates for Clients/Customers that include reference to the Test Equipment used.
  • Automatic Service or Calibration Due report is generated when the program is started identifying any items that are due, or past due, for Calibration or Service. The report dates are User defined.
Equipment List Test Certificate Equipment Header
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Some of the many Features offered by T.E.C.

  • Simple to use for any business from the single owner/operator to the large corporate.
  • User login and password protection. Three levels of password to prevent unauthorised deletion or manipulation of records.
  • Imaging facility to scan or attach documents or calibration certificates directly into the program (PDF or JPG).
  • Email Test Certificates, Reports etc direct from the program.
  • The program can be easily networked and remembers local printer settings for each terminal with personalised information such as Company logo, address, etc.
  • Client/Customer data base for reference when producing your own Test Certificates.
  • Employee list and information file.
  • Printed reports.
  • Built in Data Backup facility (Data can be backed up to CD, DVD, Thumb drive etc).
  • Automatic live updates of the program as they become available.
  • Data can be converted from existing Excel® (*.xls) spreadsheet into the program (Optional module).

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